5 Examples Of The Worst Things You Can Do To Hurt Your SEO

When you think of a website, you think of fruitful and organic material that you can count on. Unfortunately, some site and blog owners do not see things the same way. As a site/blog owner, your work should be treated as your “baby”. Nurture, love and understand it. Posting anything is just the beginning of a long list of things not to do if you’re seeking fantastic SEO page ranks.

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Warning: 10 Blogging Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

The humble blog may not look as appealing to companies as super-busy social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with hundreds of millions of followers each. Statistics, however, prove that blogging builds business. According to HubSpot’s 2013 Inbound Marketing Stats:

  • • 43% of marketers generated a customer via their blog with less

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Why Use Twitter For Customer Service

In today’s super-competitive business world, customer service determines the winners and losers. Gary Vaynerchuk, a digital marketing legend, says in his book The Thank You Economy: “It’s very logical: There is proven ROI in doing whatever you can to turn your customers into advocates for your brand or business. The way to create advocates is to offer superior customer service.”

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Email Marketing: How to Market Effectively without Being Flagged as Spam

In the mid-1990’s, email marketing was one of the most efficient forms of marketing for businesses. This involved using emails to send ads or inform the targeted consumer segments about new products, sales, and offers. In those days it was an emerging channel of marketing for businesses, so open and click-through rates were quite high.

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Organic SEO vs. PPC: Who Wins the Search Battle for Your Business?

When it comes to ranking high on search engine result pages (SERPs), there are two search engine marketing (SEM) approaches for it: Pay-per-Click (also called cost per click) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let’s talk about each of them in detail.


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7 Smart Ways of Integrating Social Media into Your E-commerce Business to Boost Sales

There are billions of users on different social networks. Facebook has more than 1.19 billion monthly active users , Twitter has 232 million monthly active users, and  in just two years of its existence, Google+ has chalked up more than 540 million monthly active users. This massive active usage is a great opportunity for eCommerce store owners to market their products to a wider audience.

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How to Scale Your Business’s Online Engagement through Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 54 million business pages, all of which are competing for user attention. The most important metric for businesses on Facebook, therefore, is reach. It is for this reason that your company should maintain a strong presence on the social networking giant.

What if your Facebook business page has a tiny following? What actionable tactics can you employ to grow your follower base and increase engagement with your fans?


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Does Your E-commerce Website Need a Redesign – 10 Reasons That Say YES!

Your website is your first impression on consumers. A professional and well-designed website will help you stand out in an ever growing eCommerce industry. Website redesigning is a time-consuming and costly affair, but is necessary for an online retailer to keep his site in line with current standards and trends.

An old and outdated website will actually have a negative impact on your leads. On the flip side, a fresh custom designed website will help… Read More