Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Web Site

Designing your first website is a stressful undertaking. It requires you to dig deep into your business in order to write the copy for your site. You need to work with a designer and go through the process of creating a site that looks unique and works well. Plus you’ll end up investing a lot of time, energy and money. And finally, after all that, you’re finished and it’s time for the site to go… Read More


Clever Business Card Idea

We created a clever business card for our SEO guru. While typing his name might not be corrected as “Internet SEO Guru” he sure has that title around our office. He has helped many of our clients reach #1 positions in Google for varying terms. Although sometimes the cost of getting #1 might not make sense to put effort towards he can always give us the lowdown on what it will take to get #1… Read More


ASP Development

We have been in the business of developing ASP & sites since classic asp was developed for Windows NT Server 4.0. Those days have long passed, but we are still using ASP & .Net technologies to develop captivating web sites. Here at Tranquil BLUE we harness new technologies the day they are born. Our staff possesses vast knowledge of programming languages (including, but not limited to ASP & ASP.Net development). The one thing… Read More


Web Page and Landing Page Conversion Tuning — Convert Better!

We had the pleasure of striking a partnership with SiteTuners.

SiteTuners has performed hundreds of landing page and website optimization tests, and consequently developed the knowledge and skill to rapidly identify conversion weaknesses. You can preview much of what we have learned the founder, Tim Ash’s book entitled “Landing Page Optimization”.

Here are some of the programs at our disposal:

•AttentionWizard – What are your visitors looking at? The AttentionWizard uses advanced artificial intelligence

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10 Worst AdWords Campaign Management Mistakes

On today’s highly competitive Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) search engine, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your PPC campaigns are optimized to their utmost potential.You should be achieving maximum return on investment (ROI) for the keywords or phrases that are most relevant to your business and are most likely to provide you with targeted traffic to your website. With ever growing cost-per-click (CPC) prices throughout the various PPC search… Read More


Integrate Google’s Plus 1 in Your Site

Google’s Plus 1 is their answer to Facebook’s ever-popular like button. If you’re planning on getting on the social media bandwagon (and you should be). You should integrate this new Google feature immediately. An important aspect to note about Google and it’s Plus 1 feature is that businesses can now integrate a social media icon that has very little connotation to being non-business or young-generation. The Google Plus 1 is an easy way to… Read More


4 Easy Ways You can Attempt to Reach the 150 million Google+ Users

This article was written by 10+ year veteran Tampa Web Design guru, John Siebert.

Google+ may not be gaining light speed stardom in the social media realm as fast as predicted. However, Google+ is revolutionizing the way we search, communicate, and interact with others on the internet. Google+ is still emerging and we have not yet started to fully implement the features it provides.

To break it down easily, Google+ is not going… Read More