What Works Best in the World of Web Design?

What Works Best in the World of Web Design?

Web designing is exciting and changing by the day. But if you are planning to build a website then you need not panic.

Websites that are clean, simple, uncluttered and fluid are being preferred. We have information and more information staring at us from everywhere, right from desktop and laptop screens to tablets, phablets and smartphones.

So when under an avalanche of online content, both visual and otherwise, it is relieving to be confronted by… Read More

Why Is a Website One of the Most Essential Elements for Your Business's Success?

Why Is a Website One of the Most Essential Elements for Your Business’s Success?

The way people search for products and services has changed massively in the past few years. A report published last year by Interactions says that Everywhere Commerce (also known as Omnicommerce) is the key to staying competitive in today’s mobile market.

So if the Web is where your customers are looking for you, does it not make sense for you to be where all the action is?

A website is a must-have for… Read More


Testimonial Gesner.com

Matt G – Gesner.com

It has been a month or two since we have spoken but I have a free moment here at my desk and I have been reflecting on the past couple of years of business and what it has been that is bringing us much success

Obviously, hard work is a factor, great staff to support the ideas I come up with is a factor , just plain luck figures in there… Read More


Testimonial SapphireRings.org

David C – SapphireRings.org

I meet with Tranquil Blue in February 2012 to build our new online store ( Sapphire Ring Co ), they proposed a brand new style with the educational pages I was looking for as well as a fast and easy store to navigate.
From the start to end they offered perfect service coupled with the design and look we were looking for.
The store was a large project carrying… Read More


How Convincing Does Your Website Look to Your Customers?

The main aim of building a website for your business is to improve customer perception and build brand identity. What is worse than not having a website is a having an unprofessional one.

It is very important that your website exudes credibility, reliability, quality and authority. There are enough and more tools available for an enthusiastic DIY effort, but the end product stands a very high chance of looking homemade and amateurish. And no… Read More



Robert P – ScottsFlowersNYC.com

I have been working with Tranquil Blue for 2 years now and they have been nothing short of amazing. For my website, they went above and beyond to fulfill what my vision was. Over the past years, my business has seen a big increase in sales due to Tranquil Blue. They are a team that is always there for me when I need help, whether it’s suggesting, creating, and implementing new… Read More

dive inc logo


Melissa R – Diveinc.com

These guys rock.  I’ve worked with them on multiple items, and trust both their artistic creativity and ability to execute.  They are good at working within a timeline and easy to communicate ideas with.  They’ve created a company website for me, they came out and shot photography when we had none, they even got someone to come in and shoot a corporate video for us.  I was working at a company… Read More


How Can You Come up with an Aesthetically Attractive Website?

A business website aims to attract and interest visitors, and arouse interest in the product or service that it sells.

A good design greatly enhances the appeal of a website, but the ultimate aim of any business website is to sell.

New-age businesses like Fitbit, Dropbox and Airbnb have exceptionally beautiful and well-designed websites. With the new companies setting the bar high, other companies are also… Read More