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Quick-Start Guide to Guaranteed $ales on the Internet

Quick-Start Guide to Guaranteed $ales on the Internet
Make Money Right Away – And a Sustainable Plan to Grow Your Business

I will start by telling you that applying these tips will most definitely help you sell, at least some, products on the internet. I’m not saying this guide will make you rich over night. That will come with figuring out how much you are spending on listing ads to how much revenue you are… Read More


10 Things That Will Help A Website Be Successful

This article was written by John Siebert, a Tampa web design master of the web with over 10 years of experience in web marketing.

The fact that you have a website, doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful innings on the World Wide Web. An online presence like a website, only works if it is a product of following the right design practices, not forgetting the basics and ensuring that the design and development is driven… Read More


Converting with precious little time

Let’s face it our collective attention spans can be measured by the heart-beat of a humming bird. We are a society on the move and we are bombarded from every direction by stimulus of all kinds. The web is no exception. There are literally millions of results available on any kind of subject and the window to seize a visitor’s attention is less than 9 seconds. Think about it. If you owned a store in… Read More


Pushing the Web Design Envelope: 5 Killer Tips

Great designs happen when designers put in the effort to come up with something different all the time. You can’t stick to the same old designing template and expect to come up with successful designs. The trick to achieving web designing success is to push the envelope, stretch the limits of your imagination and tap into the deepest recesses of your knowledge and skill sets to come up with the kind of design that hasn’t… Read More


5 Mistakes That Bring Down Website Conversion Ratio

Every website has a purpose and that is to convert. A conversion might involve the visitor buying a product or a service from the site, or asking for a quotation, or filling in his/her contact details to ask for more information or it could involve some other action. Before beginning the process of designing a website, the owner of the site, and the designer tasked with creating the site, sit across the table and work… Read More


The 5 Tips to Become a More Creative Web Designer

Every designer wants to be creative, but you will be surprised to note that not every designer is creative; maybe that’s why you have some websites that seem to be really very creative while there are others whose designs can be called, bland, at best. Let’s face it, not everybody has a really creative bent of mind, but that doesn’t mean somebody who isn’t very creative cannot become a good web designer. If that was… Read More



Today’s SEO tip is a well known one to SEO experts and regular webmasters alike. Content is king today in search engine marketing. You probably already have a blog, news section, or information resource on your web site. Utilize these capabilities! Set yourself a weekly or monthly reminder to add a new article to your web site. It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out, but your web site should be continually updated. Companies… Read More


5 Golden Rules for Engaging Ecommerce Websites

An ecommerce site doesn’t have a lot of time to make an impression on its shoppers. A visitor going through your site is a potential shopper who needs to be converted into a paying customer without wasting much time. It is also of paramount importance that the site captures the attention of the visitor and keeps him engaged for a sufficient amount of time. If visitors spend more time on the site, there is a… Read More