6 pioneers of the world of graphic design

6 pioneers of the world of graphic design

From Milton Glaser to Stefan Sagmeister, the world of modern design owes its existence to these pioneering spirits.

They have shaped the very world of design that lies in front of us.

They have been behind some of the most pivotal graphic design breakthroughs.

Let’s take a look at these six inspiring figures that have left an indelible imprint and continue to have an impact on the… Read More

What Are Those Six Major Aspects of Graphic Design?

Good graphic design needs to have several elements in perfect balance. Professional designers stress on the fact that a great design does not aim to overwhelm, but is understated and harmonious.

All the elements are in smooth accord and there is nothing that mars you visual experience.

Good graphic design aims to be functional and efficient, aesthetic, user-focused and absorbing. But to achieve this, the designer will have to ensure the important elements work… Read More

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Why Exactly Is Graphic Design Important for Your Brand?

Branding is an important aspect of a company’s image. Branding is the process of giving your company a face, a name and a personality to match.

If you have a successful branding strategy it will help give your product or service a very distinct presence in the market, and in your customer’s mind.

Effective branding will serve as a powerful tool in a brilliant marketer’s hands to project the desired vision and convey the… Read More

Local SEO and Positive Review Building

Did you know that your results on local searches. Such as Google Places, Bing Maps, and searches on your cell phone, all depend on your company’s positive reviews? You must have a presence, as well, in all of the major local search, yellow pages, and review sites? If your not listed in some or all of these sites sites chances are you’re not ranking very well on Local Search Results.

Considering there are over… Read More

Money Tree Growth

Website Designing – an Expense or an Investment?

If you are a business owner wondering whether a website is an expense or an investment, then you need to dig into data to get the answers.

A recent survey shows that only 55% small businesses have a website. But the excruciating need to have one is increasingly evident to all.

One of the biggest reasons why small business owners refrain from investing in a website is money. Cash flow difficulties prevent entrepreneurs from… Read More


Get to know Tranquil Blue’s President, John Siebert

At the age of just 17, John was hired as the first employee of a new advertising agency in New York. In just one quarter, John helped the business grow from two people to twelve people, and the company was bringing in over 1 million dollars. As if that isn’t impressive enough, the young entrepreneur went on to opening his own business at the age of 19. By the age of just 22, John was… Read More

What Works Best in the World of Web Design?

What Works Best in the World of Web Design?

Web designing is exciting and changing by the day. But if you are planning to build a website then you need not panic.

Websites that are clean, simple, uncluttered and fluid are being preferred. We have information and more information staring at us from everywhere, right from desktop and laptop screens to tablets, phablets and smartphones.

So when under an avalanche of online content, both visual and otherwise, it is relieving to be confronted by… Read More

Why Is a Website One of the Most Essential Elements for Your Business's Success?

Why Is a Website One of the Most Essential Elements for Your Business’s Success?

The way people search for products and services has changed massively in the past few years. A report published last year by Interactions says that Everywhere Commerce (also known as Omnicommerce) is the key to staying competitive in today’s mobile market.

So if the Web is where your customers are looking for you, does it not make sense for you to be where all the action is?

A website is a must-have for… Read More